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How to get membership in the club Masařka (connected to the network)?

  • Try to plug-in the network cable and fill the online form.
  • Visit room (red) R504 during office hours in order to fill a registration form. You will need your passport!
  • You will sign to the list of members of Masarka. It is neccesary to fill out your passport number.
  • You will be connected to the network in a few minutes. From now on you have 14 days to do the payment.

Important note: The payment isn't only for Internet but you also get all benefits that club Masařka offers (for instance - access to gym, cultural room, grill, etc.)

What to do if I’ll move to another room?

  • you dont have to go to the office hours!.
  • on your new room, connect an ethernet cable to the pc and run your favourite web browser, you should be forwarded to masařka website http://badsockets.anon.mk.cvut.cz/....
  • logon with your account name and password, which can be found on your agreement.
  • then find menu link My PC select your PC and change Room number and after updating the list change the Socket number as well (A = left side, B = right side).
  • submit the form and plug-out the ethernet cable for a few seconds, everything should now work fine.

Are there any limitations or rules over here?

  • don’t share illegal copyrighted material or software!
  • complete rules can be found here or here in pdf

Where can I find administrators?

Room (red) R504 during the office hours:

  • Mon 8:00pm - 9:00pm (during beginning of a semester)
  • Wed 8:00pm - 9:00pm

You can also email us at admin@mk.cvut.cz. Email may be used to take care of easy adjustments of your account configuration (e.g. room number or MAC change).

Telefon number to room (yellow) Y416 (Net Office) is 1183 from the intranet and +420 233 051 183 from the outside.

What is the ID?

It is any unique number of your choice. You state this number as "variabilní symbol" when filling bank order form. It is the most important number, which you can’t forget! You can log in to this website for the first time using the ID number as your password.

How do I find out my network adapter number?

Microsoft Windows users:

  • Start->Run, write command [ok]
  • write ipconfig /all in command line; network adapter number is the physical address of ethernet adapter
  • Make sure that you don’t write wireless adapter address instead!

When is the payment due?

a new member: within 14 days from connection to the network ! others: till September 30th (winter semester) or February 28th (summer semestr)

How to pay for network connection?

Payment to SU club Masarka is done by a bank order.

  • Account number: 999 110 30 / 2010 (Fio Bank Prague) - owner SU CTU Prague
  • Amount 800 Kč per semestr (within 14 days from connection to the network)
  • "variabilní symbol": your ID number (the ID number you have filled in your form)

How to pay immediately for network connection?


bank mapIf you want to proceed the payment immediately, pay the amount directly at Fio Bank. The nearest office to MK is in

  • Praha 6
  • Československé armády 785/22
  • Phone: 224 346 759
  • Opening hours: Mon - Fri:  9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 16:30 (Fri to 16:00)

I have paid but my PC is not connected! What can I do?

Do not call any admininistrator, please!

  • It may take a few days for your payment to reach our account.
  • If you are positive your payment has already reached our account, make sure you have filled correct "variabilni symbol" (This symbol should match your ID number).
  • If you find out you have made a mistake, send email to admin@mk.cvut.cz with the "variabilni symbol" you have used. (see How to use dorm e-mail account?)
  • Otherwise, come and see us during office hours to (red) R504 with your bank order receipt.

How to use dorm e-mail account?

  • SMTP server: mail.mk.cvut.cz
  • POP3 server: mail.mk.cvut.cz
  • IMAP4 server: mail.mk.cvut.cz
  • username and password are the same as to this website
  • If you want to use your mail account outside from the CTU network, then you have to use the ciphered (SSL) types of these protocols (SMTPs, POP3s, IMAPs)
  • If you want to change your password, you can do it in the My Profile menu link

SMTPs v thunderbirdu 3

Is there a news server provided by the dormitory network?

  • address: news.mk.cvut.cz
  • You can use this server, only in case that you are connected through the CTU network and using its IP address.
  • If you want to read the news on the other place, you have to log in to these website and click to the Webnews link displayed in the menu.

Is it possible to get an account on a linux based server?

Contact administrators using admin@mk.cvut.cz and ask for an account.

  • server address: chaos.mk.cvut.cz
  • login: same as to this website (i.e. last name + the first letter of your first name)
  • password is same as to this website
  • access: SSH only (e.g. putty, winscp)
  • traffic: your data traffic is limited and follows traffic rules

Is it possible to get some space for personal web page?

Just create a new account at Chaos computer. A new folder will be created in root directory "public_html". Copy you web page files into this folder. PHP is supported.

Is there any way to boot from network?

  • Yes. It’s need to set boot order in the BIOS. Your network interface card (NIC) should have highest priority in the boot order. (in many cases just press F12 after start-up the computer)
  • After that your computer will get IP address and necessary files from server.

What software I could boot ?

  • GParted - useful tool for hard drive issues and also for backup from computer whose system not working
  • Debian installer (for i386, amd64) - for installation Debian GNU/Linux into your computer